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Drafting SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

We can produce Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in any language for any type of product. SDSs are drawn up in accordance with CLP regulation 1272/2008 and regulation 2020/878 in force. If required, they can also be drawn up in accordance with international regulations such as GHS US or GHS UN. 

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are produced rapidly by regulatory experts, toxicologists and chemists, based on data on the composition of mixtures. If necessary, we can provide advice on compositions to optimise the CLP labelling of products. Our rates are kept as low as possible, depending on the products and the number of data sheets to be produced. If required, we can also carry out laboratory tests. 

For products hazardous to health, we make declarations to ECHA’s European Poison Control Centre (PCN).

PCNs are mandatory for all products dangerous to health. Notifications to the ECHA poison control center (PCN) are made by our SDS software, based on the information encoded in the Safety Data Sheets that we have drawn up.

REACH Service

  • Which substances need to be registered?
  • How to notify a substance to ECHA
  • What is a substance under REACH?
  • How to use IUCLID6?
  • Who are the other registrants?

These are just some of the questions we can answer.  ITekem can help you with the REACH registration of your substances.

Biocides Directive No. 98/8/EC

  • Checking or drafting the Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • Labelling of biocides
  • Registration
  • Marketing authorisation
  • Efficacy tests
  • Preparation of dossiers

Detergent labelling (regulation 648/2004)

  • Determining the information required on detergent labels
    (For detergents, the Safety Data Sheet must show in section 2 information specific to detergents complying with regulation 648/2004)
  • Designing and checking detergent labels
    (In addition to the CLP labeling information appearing in the safety data sheet, additional information such as mode of use, allergens under their INCI name, etc. must appear in the labeling)