Specialist in SDS and scientific software, SDS and regulatory drafting services

Our company

ITekem was founded at the end of 2004. 

Its headquarters are located a stone’s throw from the European institutions. The company specialises in providing regulatory services for the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. It also offers expert software for drafting safety data sheets. 

It also provides scientific expertise for studies to determine the composition of products or to determine the ‘regulatory’ hazards of synthetic substances. ITekem has built up a solid reputation for scientific expertise and provides its services to small and medium-sized businesses as well as major groups.


Professional SDS and scientific software – SDS and regulatory drafting service – Training and support

Regulatory services

Drafting of SDSs, laboratory analyses and measurements, REACH, Biocides registration, cosmetics dossier, PCN declarations

Laboratory services

If necessary, ITekem can carry out standard physico-chemical tests and measurements to draw up SDSs.

SDS software

Software for compiling safety data sheets (SDS), labels, product management, articles, reach, NCP declarations, etc.